Alessandra Vasconi

Born on March 4th, 1965, she graduated at Liceo Massimo D’Azeglio in Turin. Then, she graduated with high honours at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of Turin in 1990. Qualified as a chartered accountant in Turin since 3/6/1992 – registration number 1300 and registered in the Register of Legal Auditors with DM 12/4/1995 (GU No. 31 bis of 04/21/1995) – registration number 59907. She’s working with Studio Boidi & Partners since 1990 (from 1990 to 1992 she worked as a trainee and since 1992 she’s working as a professional). She mainly carries out consultancy services for companies and institutions, both private and public participation, dealing with the preparation of financial statements, civil law consultancy (company law, ordinary and extraordinary transactions, contracts) and tax consultancy in the field of direct and indirect taxation. She provides assistance and advice in the field of tax litigation. She holds the office of Statutory Auditor in limited companies.

English speaking