Cookie Policy

The cookies are small text files sent by the user of the website that it has been visited. They are memorized on the computer hard disk, allowing the website to recognize the users and memorize specific information about them in order to offer a better service.
There are different types of cookies. Some are necessary to surf the net, others are there to provide internal security, some for statistics like understanding  what sections on the website creates more interest in the user or offer a more personalized visit of the website.
The website uses technical cookies and not proliferation ones. What follows is refered both to the computer of the user and every other device the user may use to connect to the net.


Technical Cookie

Technical cookies are used only to provide transmission of information on an electronic network, or a specific information sent to service provider by the subscriber or user of the network.
There are not used for other purposes and are installed by the holder or supervisor of the website.
They can be divided into web surfing or session cookies, and they guarantee the normal surfing and use of the website ( allowing, for example, to buy on the internet and log in to reserved areas ); analytics cookies, integrated with technical cookies are used by the holder of the website to gather information, in group form, on the number and way users use the website; functionality cookies, allow the user to surf the net according to specific needs ( for example, language, products of interest ) in order to provide a better service.
To the disable the use of cookies it may affect the way the user uses the website and the possibility to use the website at its best and being unable to use all the functions that the website has to offer. To be able to know which cookies to accept and which to disable, below there is a description of the cookies used by the website.


Types of cookies used


First part cookies:

First part cookies ( cookies that belong to the publisher of the website )
are set up by the web site visited by the user, who’s address is shown on the URL window. This type of cookies allows us to operate the website in an efficient way and trace the behavior pattern of the visitors.


Third part cookies:

The third part cookies are set up by a different domain visited by the user. If a user is using a website and a different society sends information using the website the user is viewing at that moment, that is what we call third part cookies.


Analytics Cookies:

Studio Boidi & Partners uses this type of web analysis via Google Inc. to be able to receive a group form of statistics information in order to evaluate the activity that the visitors carry on the website. Google memorizes the information collected by the cookies on a server that may be positioned in the United States.
Google may transfer the information collected by its cookies to third parties if requested by law or if the third party is processing information on Google’s account.
Google will never associate your IP address to any other element owned by Google in order to gather more specific information on the user. More information on privacy policy or how to unable this type of cookies are available
on the URL:
The user can unable in a selective manner the actions of Google Analytics installing on their own browser the opt-out supplied by Google.
To unable the collection of data by Google Analytics, you can refer to the following link:


Session Cookies:

The c.d. ‘ session cookies ‘ are memorized temporarily and are cancelled when the user closes the browser. If the user registers on the website, cookies are used to collect personal data in order to recognize the user on the following visit on the website and simplify the access-login on the website ( for example by registering username and user’s password ) or the surfing on the same website.
The website also uses cookies for administration purposes. The website could also offer links to other websites. This website has no access or control on cookies, web bacon or other track technologies used by third party websites that the user can access to by this website, neither on the availability, on the contents or material that its published or obtained by third party websites and on the way this websites use personal data; on this subject, this website does not take any responsibility regarding missed use of information by third party websites. The user must check privacy policy on third party websites before accessing the website via this website and check the applicability of the treatment of private data as every website has its own policy.


Persistent Cookies:

Persistent cookies are memorized by the user’s device between browser sessions, allowing the website to remember the preference and actions of the user on the website visited. They are used for different purposes, for example to remember the choices made when using the website.


Essential Cookies:

This cookies are  strictly necessary for the website to operate. Without this type of cookies some parts of the website would not function. Some of this type of cookies are, for example, allow the user to enter protected areas of the website.
This cookies collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be deactivated


Functional Cookies:

This cookies are used to recognize a user that is visiting again the website. They allow to personalize and remember preferences ( for example, language or state ). This cookies do not collect information that identify the user. All information are anonymous.


Social Network sharing cookies:

This cookies allow to share contents via Social Network. To be able to view private and cookies policy it is possible to visit the social network websites.
How to change cookies set ups
The majority of browsers accept automatically cookies, but usually the user can change the set ups to disable this function. It is possible to block every type of cookies, or decide to receive some and disable others. The section ‘ Options ‘ or ‘ Preference ‘ on the browser menu, allow  the possibility to avoid to receive cookies or any user track technology, it is like receiving notification from the browser when such technology is activated. Another option, it is possible to consult the ‘ Help ‘ section on the tools bar found usually on the browser.
It is also possible to select the following list on the browser and follow instructions:

From mobiles:

For more information about cookies and to be able to manage preferences on cookies ( first or/and third party ) the users are invited to visit the operating system
However disabling cookies when surfing the net may cause malfunction of the website and/ or limited service from our website.