TORINO FIDUCIARIA – FIDITOR S.r.l., established in 01/28/1975, has it’s own target in trust and audit activities according to the law (L.11/23/1939 n.1966 and RD 04/22/1940 n.531.)


The company can perform a remarkable number of activities such as:


  1. trustee administration, on behalf of a third party, of intangibles assets like stocks and bond;
  2. trustee administration of real estate, companies and properties on behalf of a third party;
  3. fiduciary registration of stocks, bond, etc;
  4. fiduciary agency in his name on behalf of a third party of shares, securities, stocks and bond possessors;
  5. fiduciary agency of capital;
  6. fiduciary deposit of stocks also in order to have a part in shareholders meeting;
  7. payment to shareholders of dividend on behalf of the companies;
  8. trustee administration of assets according to the law n.364 – 11/16/1989;
  9. protector agency in the framework of trusts;
  10. account organization of companies;
  11. verification and audit of financial, economics and legal conditions related to credit and founding operations.



Fiditor shares its quarters with Studio Boidi, a professional association of accountant with master degrees in economics, established in Turin within a 50 years experience in high-level consulting and tax accounting services.


Fiditor has by now a shared capital of 100.000,00 the 85% of which holded by Boidi’s family and the rest by other partner of Studio Boidi.


The society has been authorized to perform the trust and audit activities in 01/24/1976 under the italian law n.1966 of 11/23/1939 (DM 01/24/1976 art.2, L.11/23/1939 n.1966), this authorization was confirmed in 12/21/1982 (DM of 11/30/1982 issued in accordance with the law n.1966 of 11/23/1939 art.2 to gazette n.3 of 01/05/1983).


By now is managed by a three members board. The CEO Massimo Boidi has a 20-years experience in trust, remarked by his position as vice-chairman in Assofiduciaria, the national association of trust companies whose chairman is Phd. Gustavo Visentini.