Giuliana Baronio

Born August 22nd, 1962, she is working as a chartered accountant since 1990. Registered in the Register of Legal Auditors with DM 13/06/1995 (G.U. n. 46 bis of 16/6/1995), she also is judge’s technical consultant. In carrying out her professional activity, she has specialized in advising corporate governance of listed companies, in particular corporate compliance, management of the activities in support of the Shareholders’ Meeting, of the Board of Directors and of the internal Committees, management of the obligations required by current regulations, compliance to L. 231/2001. She is also specialized in legal and tax consultancy in the non-profit sector. She holds the office of Statutory Auditor and member of the Supervisory body in various companies. The experience acquired in the professional field, with very different people and realities, and a natural passion and curiosity for human nature have developed good communication and listening skills. Tendentially aimed at solving problems and at ease in group work.

English and French speaking.