Sara Di Sopra

Born in Aosta on April 25th, 1990, she graduated in Accounting Professions at the School of Management and Economics of Turin in 2016. In February 2019 she qualified for the profession of Chartered Accountant and since March 25th, 2019 she is registered in the Order of Turin, matriculation n. 4293, and lends his professional activity as a professional of Studio Boidi & Partners where she has worked as a trainee since 2017. Previously she worked in the finance area of a well-known automotive group in Turin and in one of the major companies in the field of auditing and consulting. She mainly deals with tax and civil law advice for individuals and small and medium-sized companies, the management of leases for residential and commercial properties, international taxation (Transfer Pricing) and non-ordinary finance (Patent Box).

Fluently French speaking.