Synergia Consulting

SYNERGIA unites over 200 professionals from all over Italy who can provide fast and efficient assistance regarding the profound and far-reaching changes that are taking place in the economy and guarantee support to Italian businesses anywhere in Italy and abroad.

SYNERGIA is a unique and ground-breaking initiative in Italy, providing a fundamental improvement on and development of the model of work and organization of professional business consultancy firms.

The 15 firms united in SYNERGIA aim to provide their customers with top quality services while maintaining the traditional direct and personal relationship between the client and the professional which is the hall-mark of Italian business history and work style.

The integration of the professional activities of the SYNERGIA firms has led to the creation of a network of consultants that are interconnected and able to work anywhere in Italy,enabling them to increase and extend their field of competence in the various disciplines of business, tax and accounting consultancy.

Thanks to agreements with top-ranking foreign firms, SYNERGIA firms can also provide their Italian customers with excellent assistance abroad in the principal countries of the world.

Synergia Consulting