Torino Fiduciaria

TORINO FIDUCIARIA – FIDITOR S.r.l., incorporated on 28/01/1975, has as its corporate purpose the performance of the fiduciary and auditing activities envisaged by Law 23/11/1939 n. 1966 and the related implementation regulation pursuant to R.D. 04/22/1940 n. 531.


The company can, in particular, carry out the following activities:

  1. the management and administration on behalf of third parties, on a fiduciary basis, of movable assets, including shares, quotas, bonds and credit instruments, as well as securities complexes;
  2. the management and administration in the name and on behalf of third parties of real estate complexes, assets and companies belonging to third parties;
  3. the fiduciary registration of shares, quotas, bonds and credit instruments;
  4. the assumption of representation assignments, also in one’s own name but on behalf of third parties, of holders of shares, bonds, shares and joint ownership, credit instruments;
  5. execution of tasks and mandates of patrimonial order and the assumption of representatives of patrimonial interests;
  6. the receipt in deposit of shares also for the purpose of intervening in the meetings of the issuing companies;
  7. the payment to shareholders of dividends and profits distributed by the companies, on behalf of the same;
  8. the undertaking of assignments to administer assets as a trustee pursuant to the law of 16 October 1989 no. 364;
  9. assuming the role of protector in the context of trusts however established;
  10. the trust management of securities and real estate complexes.


The Company has a share capital of € 100.000,00 and has been authorized to fiduciary and auditing activity, as per law 23/11/1939 n.1966, on 24/01/1976 with DM of 24/01/1976, issued by art. 2 Law 23/11/1966, and authorization of fiduciary activity confirmed on 21/12/1982 with DM 30/11/1982, as per law 23/11/1939 n. 1966 published in GU n.3 of 5/01/1983.


The Company is ruled by a Board of Directors made by 3 members and held by Dott. Massimo Boidi, who has a forty-year experience in this field, also proved by the Vice-Presidency of Assofiduciaria, national trade association. The other members are Dott. Fabio Pasquini and Dott.ssa Michela Boidi, Managing Directors.

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