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Mario Boidi


Mr. Boidi (Senior) has been Professor of Banking Law in the Faculty of Economics, University of Turin. He is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia for Piedmont President of National Italian Tax Experts Association – A.N.T.I. based in Rome Past President of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne – C.F.E. based in Berlin & Brussels …

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Massimo Boidi


Massimo Boidi is qualified as a chartered accountant since 18 March 1981 and legally enrolled at the Register of Auditors with DM of 12th April 1995 (G.U. 31-bis of 21th April 1995), as already on the Register of Accountants. He has been Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Economics of University of Turin in “Legal …

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Fabio Pasquini


Mr. Pasquini acts mainly in the field of tax and corporate consultancy, both national and international, and in tax planning; he is also Member of the Board of Directors and member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in several companies and organizations, among which are the following: Finpiemonte – Piedmont Region Financial Holding, based in …

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